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It is my pleasure to introduce my self to you to assist you through problems you might have whenever you have to fly or overfly Bolivia. Therefore, in order for you to know the person you are asking for assistance, I will identify my self.

I am Walter Jurado, living and working in La Paz Bolivia, South America and got into aeronautic field in 1984 as Air Traffic Controller at El Alto International (J. F. Kennedy before) for that, I went to the National Institute of Civil Aviation to become ATCO; prior to that I studied Flight Operation (Flight Dispatcher) during 1981 and 1982; worked ad honoren during 1983, to start working for the Airport Administration and Auxiliary Services to Air Navigation (AASANA) since 1984.

As ATCO, I worked in Aerodrome, Aproach and Area nonradar control until september 1997; since then, I am incharge of the PANS OPS office through the nation.

Durimg the time I spent as ATCO, I realized that this ground handlin assistance should be at hand anytime; that was what moved me into Ground Handling, attending the first overflight and landind permits for Baseops International as well as ground handling as it is since January 1995.

As you can see, twelve years went by being in this business. Now I am putting together a legally stablished company that will meet your requirements always as well as I  do.

I hope to have you in a familiar way, and if it is possible, I would like to meet you I person.

Yours truly

Walter Jurado

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